Roll Bars, Cages and Accessories

Q. Are you’re roll bars and cages made specifically for my car or are they a universal fit?

A. All Chassis Engineering roll bars and cages are made to fit the specific make and model of your car. We have many different models available which makes listing them difficult. When placing your order, click on the appropriate roll bar or cage kit depending on the number points and material. Once you are in the back screen you can list your year make and model. We will call to verify your information and if we do not have specifications for you particular application, we will send you a spec sheet. This spec sheet, once filled out, will give us the information needed to make your roll bar/cage to fit your car.

Q. Do I need a roll bar or cage?

A. Here are basic guidelines. We strongly suggest getting the rule book for your sanctioning body or going to SFI Foundation on the web for your specific application.

E.T. between 12.99 and 11.00 need a roll bar – (Mild Steel = 1-3/4″ x .134 wall) (Moly = 1-3/4″ x .083)
E.T. between 10.99 and 8.50 need a roll cage – (Mild Steel = 1-3/4″ or 1-5/8″ x .134 wall) (Moly = 1-5/8″ x .083)
E.T. between 8.49 and 7.50 must have Funny Car cage addition – (material listed above – applies)
All cars running faster 7.49 and faster must be Moly.