Four Link / Strut Complete Chassis Kit

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Ok, let’s face it… One of the scariest things about racing isn’t actually getting into the car and going down the track. It’s figuring out what parts you need to be competitive and how much they will cost. That’s why Chassis Engineering put together the “Race Car in a Box”.  This Kit allows you to build a square tube chassis race car with either a strut or a-arm front suspension and either a four link or ladder bar rear suspension. (Click the image below to see a list of what is included with this one of a kind kit race car)

The Four Link / Strut Race Car in a Box offers a good starting point for a serious fast bracket / Super Gas or Super Street car. All you need to get started is a body and a good flat surface to work from.  With the addition of a funny car cage kit and some extra tubing it will certify down to 7.50.

  • Strange Struts(with brakes)
  • Rack and Pinion
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Tie Rod Tube Kit
  • Steering Column Kit
  • 3726 Top Gun Four Link(with Moly Rod Ends)
  • Strange Shocks(with springs)
  • Mild Steel Fabricated 9″ Bare Housing(Housing Ends included)
  • Mild Steel 10 Point Cage(car specific)
  • Gas and Brake Pedal Kits
  • Master Cylinder Mount
  • Battery Mounts (2)
  • Transmission Crossmember
  • Driveshaft loop with crossmember
  • 2 x 3 x .083 Frame Rails(rear suspension brackets welded) (2 x 3 x .120 available)
  • Door X Bars
  • Roof Diagonal
  • Floor Diagonals
  • Upgrade options available…Call For Assistance