C/E4052 -24″ Driveshaft Containment w/ Loop Kit


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Chassis Engineering’s Driveshaft containment kits are designed to help protect the driver from injury in the event of a driveshaft or U-joint failure.  The 24″ tunnels are manufactured in .050 chrome moly sheet. The loops are built in 1″ x .065 moly and 6″ wide inside diameter to accept large diameter driveshafts.

  • 2 – Moly Tunnel Halves – to be welded for your fitment
  • 2 – Moly Driveshaft Loops (2 pieces ea.)
  • Mounting Stubs
  • Quick Pins

Welding is required.

(12″ -C/E4050 and 16″ -C/E4051 – are available)